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Our mission is to use our expertise and experience in marketing, sales, communications and management along with our vast array of contacts to help our businesses attract and retain clients and capital. Kramer Communications develops business, sales, operating and marketing plans and Internet content strategies for Early Stage to Public Companies.



Kramer Communications was founded by Marc Kramer, a serial entrepreneur and author, in 1995.

Over the last two decades, we have worked with over 500 companies entrepreneurial, family owned, international and publicly traded companies in the fields listed to the right. List of clients available upon request.

(List of clients available upon request)

  • Consumer products
  • E-Commerce
  • Economic development
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources
  • Informations Systems
  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Trade Association



Marc Kramer, a serial entrepreneur who has started and run more than 20 ventures and written six books, is president of Kramer Communications. Kramer has been named an Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year, plus Small Business Journalist of the Year by the Center City Proprietors Association of Philadelphia. He has a master’s degree in management from Penn State University and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from West Virginia University.



Here are some of the books written by Marc Kramer.

Consulting: The Business that Generates Mega Dollars and Puts You In Control of Your Financial Future
Power Networking
Streetwise Small Business Turnaround: Revitalizing Your Struggling or Stagnant Enterprise
Web Sites Built to Last
Financing and Building an E-Commerce Venture


Kramer Communications offers five services to enhance a company’s visibility, drive sales and raise capital.

Business Plan Development

Many people who write business plans usually ask their client a series of questions, take the clients financials and then write a business plan. Due to our vast experience at starting, operating and turning around businesses, we start with figuring out how the business will make money and then we come up with creative ways to market, sell and retain customers.
When we develop financials we know the process for asking for a sale and how long that sale takes to make. We just don’t take a percentage of the market and multiply it by a number and state that is the revenue projections. Sales never come as quickly or happen as planned, so we try to think of all of the things that could go wrong or what we know will go wrong based on our experience.

Capital Raising Assistance

Many of our clients ask us to assist them raising capital after we have written a business plan. We are not licensed broker dealers and typically introduce our clients to investment banks whom are both licensed and professionals at raising capital. Unfortunately, many clients either can’t afford an investment banker’s fees or the amount of money they want to raise isn’t enough for an investment banker to take them on as a client. For those clients, we join the advisory board and charge a modest fee and write to the venture capitalist we know from around the country to see who will be interested.

Corporate Website Development

Development of websites, eCommerce and blogs. The founder of Kramer Communications, Marc Kramer, has been working with and studying successful e-commerce business models. His long work in the field resulted in his writing “Web Sites Built to Last: Lessons from leading sites for surviving and prospering on the Internet” published by Adams Media in 2002 and “Financing & Building an E-Commerce Company” published by Prentice Hall Press in 2001. We have worked with over 20 companies that have ranged from selling online education to skin care products to banking services. Our focus is on speed of download, product explanation, site navigation, ability for customers to reach key departments and customer retention.

Marketing and Public Relations

Along with developing marketing strategy/plans, we also take responsibility for implementing our plans.  We are experienced at utilizing, but not limited to, the following marketing tactics:

  • Advertising-online, radio and television
  • Blogs
  • Book development
  • Corporate websites
  • Direct mail
  • E-mail marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Tweeting

  • Internet Radio
  • Media columns
  • Newsletter
  • Print advertising
  • Public relations
  • Seminars
  • Speaking at events
  • YouTube

Marketing Plans

When we develop a marketing plan, we focus on what our client’s competitive advantages are and if they don’t have clear cut competitive advantage then we take what we learn from interviews of employees, former employees, management, clients, former clients and analyzing the competition and come up with substantive ways to differentiate our clients that will be meaningful to their customers.
We have a 10 step process for developing a marketing plan. Our process requires speaking to all of the stakeholders in the business and taking an objective look at the competition and then determining what is the best course of action.



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