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Blog post by Marc Kramer
I recently read a terrific book that provides the history of entrepreneurship in the United States entitled “American Entrepreneur” by Drs. Larry Schweikart and Lynne Pierson Doti.  Dr. Schweikart...

      Marc Kramer is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He has had successes and failures, which gives him the scars to show aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and build a business.

Walter Buckley, President/CEO of Internet Capital Group, the leading publicly traded investors in Internet companies

Welcome to Kramer Communications


Our mission is to use our expertise and experience in marketing, sales, communications and management along with our vast array of contacts to help our businesses attract and retain clients and capital.

Kramer Communications develops business, sales, operating and marketing plans and Internet content strategies for Early Stage to Public Companies.

Business Plan Development - Develop business plans for existing or new web sites (internal or external) and new ventures. The focus of the plans is to develop sales and marketing momentum and improve client service and internal communications.

Corporate Communications - Develop and implement public relations strategies, which include setting up speaking engagements, press releases, newsletter development and media introductions.

The types of companies that utilize our services are those whose plates are full, and who want someone with marketing/service, communication and new venture experience and who think out of the box on what the solution should be and then implements the solution.

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